CRF Lite

The CRF Lite is for simple events and announcements that don’t need as much information as big campaigns. You can use it for:

  • Web Events
  • Simple Bulletin Items
  • Pre-Post Slides
  • Weekly Email Items

You should not use this form if you wish to have the following:

  • Web or Facebook articles
  • Bulletin Features
  • Verbal or Video Announcements
  • Bulletin Inserts
  • Any item that requires complex instructions or communications
    • About You

    • About the Event

    • Please enter the name of the event or campaign. If the event has a special title, please enter that here.
    • Enter the date of the event. If the event is a time frame (several days or weeks) please indicate the START date.
    • If the event has start and end times, please enter those here. For multi-day events, please enter the start and end for each. This is what will be used to create calendar events and other items that specify time.
    • If the event will be held at Grace, please note where (Worship Center, Kairos, etc.). If it will be held off-campus, please note the exact address.
  • Details

  • Describe any ideas you have for accompanying visuals. If you leave this blank, we will just take our best guess.
    • Short Form

      Short form announcements have 5 elements, 2 of which you’ve already provided (Title & Date/Time/Location).
      The last are three sentences: 1) Describe the situation (from the audience perspective). 2) Unpack the benefit to the audience. 3) Call to Action.

      Missions Car Wash
      Sunday Oct 15 1-4PM Parking Lot
      Dirty cars are everywhere! Get your car cleaned and support GCOF Global Outreach at our car wash. Come to the church Sunday at 1PM or see the website for future times.

    • Enter your 3 sentence text here.