WorkLife: Grace

A LifeGroup to explore WorkLife
Tuesdays, April 14 – May 19.
From 7-8:30pm. $35 book fee.
If you’re like most people, work is where you spend the majority of your waking hours. Yet for many of us, work can be wearisome and draining. But there is good news. God cares about your work and even sees it as a form of worship. Pastor Ernest will be leading this small group to help us switch God “on” during our work and see how the Lord uses us to minister in the workplace.


WorkLife: Grace

Biblical Tools to help you THRIVE at work
The WorkLife SwitchTOOL is a self- directed, web-based system that helps your people target and overcome the ever-changing issues that cause most of us to switch God off at work.
This tool acts as a work-week companion for all of your people with powerful video clips, devotionals and quick-use tools that pack a powerful punch in a way that’s easy to access.


WorkLife: Grace

We all have pesky yet very serious work issues that we struggle with, causing us to Switch God OFF at work. Find out your top 3! Take our Switch Quiz—only 5 minutes to receive your personal e-mail report revealing your top 3 issues. You will even see how you compare with others.

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The Monday Switch

The Monday Switch is a biblically inspired call to action for workers of every vocation to Switch God ON – to live and work in ways that amplify the presence of our God on Monday. This 6 week challenge can be embraced by you personally, or be sponsored by an organization such as a church, or business.
After a decade long research project targeting the Monday epidemic for workers, a communication and resource platform was developed called The Monday Switch. This is crazy fun, video driven, interactive, and biblically based — guided by the personal Monday Switch Kit that leads each person through a unique experience that will not soon be forgotten.

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In conjunction with

For 15 years Doug Spada and has been researching and listening to what people’s greatest needs are at work, along with their struggles.
They have planned, designed, built and delivered amazing vision and tools to serve working Christians everywhere. The end goal is all focused on that one worker, that one person like you, to be able Switch God ON and experience the amazing joy and purpose that God intended through work. That is WorkLife! Grace is thrilled to partner with to bring the Monday Switch and WorkLife revolution to your life!


"This has radically changed how I experience work."

– Jonathan

WorkLife Messages