Oasis Bible Studies – Fall 2017

BrianWood Announcement, Women's Ministry

There’s a fresh breeze sweeping over Oasis! Let our cafe be your favorite mid-week morning spot. We will have the cafe open for business from 9am to 12pm, so pre-register the kids for babysitting, bring a friend and enjoy a cappuccino and conversation. A traditional Bible study, along with a range of other God-centered times of fellowship will be offered this semester. Let’s gather, learn, create, and be… together!

Come and relax in the cafe anytime between 9a and 12n, September 20th – December 6th. Feel free to chat with your friends, mentoring group, or attend one of our pre-organized activity options.

Each class activity option will begin at 9:30 am

Beth Moore Study: A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place
From the LifeWay website: Perhaps no Old Testament event so dramatically illustrates God’s persistent desire to relate to His children as the building of the tabernacle in the wilderness. Through the tabernacle, God initiated a deeper relationship with His Chosen People by bringing reconciliation and revealing His glory. And certainly, no Old Testament event so richly prefigures the coming of the true Tabernacle, Jesus Christ. In this 10-week in-depth Bible study, you will be challenged to prepare your heart, like the holy of holies, to become a home for His love and glory — a dwelling place for the Most High God.

Masterpiece with Devon Rider
You are His great work! Get to know our Creator as we study His Word, and encourage one another weekly. Once a month we will roll up our sleeves & get creative with a fun project of our own!

Taekwondo with Tiffany Breeden
Seeking Christ’s will for us to be strong women of God in both body and mind. Taekwondo will help stretch, strengthen, and focus our abilities by connecting the body and mind. Finally, we will learn to talk to Jesus through our movement and ask for strength to persue new adventures and trials!

Mom to Mom with Kelly Dierberger
Connect with other moms of littles with engaging conversation, real-life applicable studies and discover what it means to be a woman, wife, mama, friend and believer in this busy season of life.

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