Boom Goes the Dynamite: Crafting Short Form Announcement Copy That Works

BrianWood Communications

We all want to create engaging announcement copy that really works. I can show you how. Keep reading for the secret!

Thats it. I just showed you how to do it. Yep, the first paragraph of this post is actually a complete tutorial on how to craft short form messages that work.

Let’s back up for just a second and set the stage. We live in a busy world. As communicators, we need to be able to get our point across quickly before our audience has moved on to something else. Add to this the fact that in order to not overload people, we need to present less information overall and you can see that efficiency of communication is critical to success. So how do we do it?

1) State the situation.
2) State the benefit.
3) Call to action.

Three simple sentences to make your announcement pop. Let’s break each one down.

0) Plan. Of course you should start with a clear idea of what you’re going to announce. This means knowing more than just the date and time, but having a good understanding of the purpose of what you’re announcing.

1) State the situation. Here’s where you begin with something that the audience relates to. Many times this will be a problem or concern. “We all struggle with”. Sometimes a need. “Everyone needs…”. It might be phrased positively. “Christmas is a time for celebration!” Using openers like “We all” or “Everyone” can make the statement universal, while “you” can personalize it. Avoid questions in this format, instead make a statement. Be sure to use active voice to keep the language strong. The first sentence essentially identifies the need.

2) State the benefit. You’ve established the basis, now explain what the benefit of the announcement is. What will they learn? Who will they help? What’s the point? This should directly address the need established in the first sentence.

3) Call to action. What can they do about it. Use strong, precise action verbs: Call, Learn, Visit, Meet, Come. Try to avoid more generic verbs like, “Contact”, or “Join” as the primary action. If you want them to make a phone call, say “Call”. Want them to come to a meeting? “Come”. Give the direct action you expect.

Let’s take a look at some bulletin announcements and see how we might use this strategy.

Discovery Class

If you are new to Grace or would like to know more about Grace Church, we invite you to our Discovery Class! Learn all about Grace – our history, what we believe, and how you can be a part. Come out to the Discovery Class beginning today, during the service from 10:30-11:30am. We will meet in the Café. See the insert for more information.

Discovery Class

Sunday 10:30am – Cafe

You want to know more about Grace. The Discovery Class can answer all your questions. Come to the cafe during the service at 10:30 to join us!

Worship Concert with David Bell

Join us Sunday evening, October 23rd for a time of worship with the British band “The Moment”. “The Moment” exists to partner with the local church across the world to see the Body of Christ equipped, the sick healed and the lost saved through their unique blend of dynamic worship, powerful testimony and engaging word. Come out to the Worship Center from 6-8pm. The concert is free. Childcare is provided.

David Bell & The Moment

Oct 23, 6-8PM – Worship Center

We’re always looking for great worship experiences. David Bell & The Moment bring their dynamic worship to Grace. Get ready to worship Oct 23.

Women – Heart to Heart Mentoring

Women’s mentoring groups are beginning! Would you like to be connected to other women in loving, challenging, growing relationship? Would you like to receive from a woman who is a few steps ahead of you in your journey with God? Check out the Women’s kiosk for the flyer on the Mentoring groups and see if there is a group that would be a fit for you!

Heart to Heart: Women’s Mentoring

Being in a mentoring relationship is an important part of your spiritual journey as a woman. Heart to Heart mentoring groups will connect you with other women a few steps ahead. Stop by the Women of Grace kiosk in the foyer for more information.

You can see how by reducing the wording of the announcements, and strengthening the language, we’ve actually crafted more dynamic and engaging copy, which communicates a strong message and encourages action.