Cathy Johns – My God Moment

BrianWood Announcement, My God Moment

“My God moment started this October 18th when I was diagnose with Stage 2-3 colon cancer. I remember going to bed that night, laying in bed crying asking God for comfort to ease my troubled mind and he laid on my heart the song we were singing the Sunday before. “Spirit Lead me where my trust is without boarders, let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me” As I slowly drifted off to sleep I heard a soft voice say to me one word and that word was Contained. Weeks later when I went in for results of a cat scan and blood work the Dr confirmed that very word. It was confined to only the colon and will be easy for them to take out without any chemotherapy or radiation! Praise God!” Cathy Ann Johns

God reaches His people in very mysterious ways and sometimes, in the oddest moments. This Thanksgiving we will be coming together to share stories like this of when God has touched our lives and given us a strong sense of his presence. This is a journey you’re not going to want to miss as we hear what God is doing or has done in each others lives.