Diet CRF … fewer fields, faster service

BrianWood Communications, Exclude from news

The Grace Communications Team is always trying to improve our experience and find new ways to help you. You told us that the standard CRF was too much information for simple announcements, and we agree! So starting today, you have options.

For bigger campaigns, articles, announcements and events, the standard CRF is still available. But for smaller items, that don’t need as much information, you can now use the CRF Lite.

The CRF Lite has fewer fields, and is tailored to gathering information for simple events that don’t need a whole lot of support or planning. The CRF Lite is built to gather information for web events, bulletin events, Pre- & Post-service slides, and weekly email items. It’s designed around the short format announcement that drives much of the Grace communications strategy.

(You can read all about that strategy in Boom Goes the Dynamite: Crafting Short Form Announcement Copy That Works.)

The CRF Lite is designed for items that don’t need much added to them. The items need to be events that have recurring visual graphics already created or ones where you’re ok having us make simple graphics without much review. You will need to have a clear and defined title, Time/Place/Location, and the 3 sentence format as set forth in the above post.

There are some places where you can’t use the CRF Lite:

  • Any time you need graphics, video, or other items designed and developed
  • Any time there is a lot of information to present, or a story needs to be told

In these cases, the normal CRF will be the form of choice.

Oh, and we’ve also updated the design of the Standard CRF, too!

As always, if you have any questions, please contact the communications team and we’ll be happy to help you decide how to proceed!