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It’s a Drive In Easter!

Hallelujah at the Raceway!


Drive In Easter


April 12, 10AM


Dominion Raceway6501 Dominion RacewayWoodford, VA 22580

Grace Church of Fredericksburg is thrilled to offer our church family and the community a chance to worship together this Easter! We’re partnering with Dominion Raceway to use their venue and equipment to host a Drive In Easter service on Easter morning, April 12th at 10AM.
Worshipers will drive up and be directed where to park in full view of the raceway’s stage. Cars will be parked with space between them, and people will be instructed to remain in their cars for the duration of the service, which should last about an hour.
Our service will include great worship music and a message by our Senior Pastor, Ernest Custalow. We will be live on stage and visible on the raceway’s Jumbotron screen.
We have taken every care we can to maintain the social distance that is so important at this time for our local and global community. We’ve been consulting with the Governor’s office, local law enforcement, and medical experts to advise the best way to be safe and compliant, while still joyfully celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus.

Register NOWSpace is limited!

What’s all this about?

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Frequent Questions

▸ How will we be keeping social distance?

We’ll be directing you as you enter the raceway to a parking spot. Cars will be spaced a minimum of 8-10 feet apart, and worshipers will be instructed to remain in their cars for the entire event (about an hour).

▸ Doesn’t this violate the Governor’s Stay At Home order?

No, In fact, the Governor’s order specifically mentions “place of worship” as one of the destinations permissible to leave home for.(See Executive Order 55, Section 1.f.)
We have been in contact with the Governor’s office and local law enforcement and they have approved the event, providing that we instruct worshipers to remain in their cars.

▸ Is this safe?

Yes! By remaining in your car and keeping a distance from others during and after the event, you will never break “social distance”, preventing the communication of disease. If you wish, we encourage you to wear a cloth mask, in accordance with CDC recommendations.
In addition to governmental authorities, we have been in contact with medical experts that have assured us that this is a safe way to celebrate Easter together.

▸ What about kids?

Unfortunately, there will be no children’s event for this service. If you have young children that have difficulty with an hour long worship service, we would recommend you stay home and tune in to the event online (gcofonline.org/live) and set your kids up to watch our Alive Kids broadcast (link to AKOG).

▸ Is there a cost? Is the event limited to Grace Church Members?

No. The event is free and open to the community. Happy Easter, Fredericksburg! (You will need to register, however, because space is limited. You can use the Register button above, or just click here.

▸ Do I need tickets?

Due to the limited number of spaces, you will need to pre-register. We don’t anticipate running out of room, however, and if necessary will hold a second service.
You can register with the button at the top of this page or you can just click here.

▸ What if I still want to stay at home? Will the service be available online?

By all means, join us online! We will streaming our service as usual at gcofonline.org/Live, and on our Facebook and YouTube pages.

▸ What if I have more questions?

We’re happy to answer any more questions you might have. Drop us a line at [email protected], fill out our contact form, or call the church office at 540/ 785-2273Image[/cs_content_seo]