Facebook and Social Media Changes

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Social Media (like Facebook) has become an important part of our lives. For many people, Social Media is now their primary source of news, information, and day-to-day communication. Communication is one of the most important things we can do as a church, and so we’re adapting our communications to focus even more on social media.

Starting on the 14th of March, we’ll be shifting our Facebook presence from a private profile (that only “friends” can see) to a public page. We’ll also be increasing the number of posts we make to that page. The idea behind all of this is to encourage and challenge our members and community to take the message of Jesus outside of these four walls. So whenever you see something from Grace, be sure to interact with it. Click like. Leave a comment, participate in the conversation, and share it with your friends. Facebook can and should be another opportunity for us to engage and share the gospel.

Mainly, we’ll be focusing on content that will be meaningful and relevant to you in your daily life.

You may have noticed that Facebook likes to shuffle your news feed sometimes. It does this because it’s trying to learn what you like and what you don’t. You can click like on a page (like Grace) and then never see it again if you never interact with it. You can teach Facebook what you want to see from a page by liking, sharing, or commenting on posts.  The more you do that, the more Facebook knows, “Ok, you like the things this page talks about” and it puts more into your newsfeed.

If you haven’t interacted with the page in a while or at all, look us up under Grace Church of Fredericksburg in the Facebook search bar. When you see the new icon:


You’ll know you’re in the right place!

Another change is that because the page is more public and open than the old profile, we want to encourage you to join the private Facebook groups that are designed for personal conversations. There is a group for all church members (GCOF Connections) as well as several groups for individual ministries.

We really want your feedback. If there’s any questions you have or anything you need from the Social team, just message us on Facebook.

We’ll also be starting an 8 week life group called “Christian Life Online” for those who want to take the next step and get more involved. Stay tuned for more information about this as we get closer to launching it.

This is one of many steps we’re taking to improve our social presence and transform communication to better serve you, the community, and the body of Christ.