Grace Design Internship

BrianWood Announcement, Communications, Creative, Design

Update: The summer program is full! Thanks for your interest. We are considering running another program in the Fall. If you’d like to be notified about that program, please contact the church office!

We need energetic interns to help out with Design and Communications. You don’t need experience, but must have a willingness to learn about graphic design, communications, digital & social media, and marketing. Start exploring the world of graphic design and communications TODAY! Find out more and apply below.

The Design Internship requires a minimum commitment of time, most of which will be flexible and at home. You will need to be willing to work with the Communications Team as well as other ministries to create great things. You will be mentored by professional designers and will learn professional level tools and skills. You will create items you can use in a professional portfolio. This is a great opportunity for an aspiring designer or one looking to expand their horizons. NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED! We can start you at zero, all you need is a desire!