iServe trains you to serve God and grow spiritually through serving others.

iServe Ministry Is:

  • Mobilizing Christians into service
  • Equipping every member be a full-time minister
  • Preparing people for whole-life ministry in all areas of their lives.
  • Empowering both clergy and laity to use their spiritual gifts.

iServe is available to help you get connected in ministry, assist you in transitioning between ministries, and support you while you serve. This is accomplished through the following:


Assists you in getting connected with the ministry opportunities that you are interested in exploring.


Helps you learn your God given S.H.A.P.E. for ministry and where God is calling you to serve.


Sets Ministry Partners up to succeed in the areas they serve through Orientation Training, Ministry Partner Handbook, evaluations, classes and seminars.


Gives you the tools, resources, mentoring, and support necessary to succeed in serving as a Ministry Partner of Grace Church of Fredericksburg.

iServe Director’s role is

  • equipping others for ministry
  • pastoral care
  • leadership training and support
  • leadership inside and outside of the church
  • managing equipping systems
  • resourcing and training other churches.

Discover Your Ministry SHAPE workshop

The SHAPE workshop prepares believers to understand their spiritual shape and how to live out their calling in every area of their lives. Our faith touches everything about life. It affects our relationships, our politics, and the way we spend our money and time. The ‘Discover Your Spiritual SHAPE’ teaches you that everyone is a minister with a calling from God. Learn how to live out your faith in daily life by attending this impacting workshop.

Discover how God has equipped you for the work of Ministry.

How do I discover how God has shaped me for ministry?

God uses our

Spiritual Gifts




Experiences to prepare us for the calling He has on our everyday lives.