We all struggle, and we all need the Lord's Healing

Restoring the Foundations is a Spirit-Led Prayer Ministry designed to bring Healing, Deliverance, and Freedom!

When we become Christians, the hurtful issues of our lives do not automatically disappear. Jesus died to bring healing and to deliver us from the consequences of sin. We can choose to just live with discouragement, anxiety, fear, depression, rejection, or we can choose to appropriate the solutions the Father has provided in His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus came to heal the broken hearted and to set free those who are bound (Luke 4:18). We often choose to ignore what is occurring hoping that it will get better on its own. One way that you can know that you need help is that your problems persist and often worsen. This dynamic is not a sign of weakness. Rather, we believe that it is the Lord encouraging you to seek help for something you have been able to resolve on your own.

What is RTF?

Several issues work together to keep us from fully experiencing the freedom and destiny that is ours in Christ. Restoring the Foundations (RTF) is designed to help believers examine and address one problem in their lives. The RTF ministry session lasts approximately three hours and focuses on the root causes of most issues: sin patterns in the family line; lies we believe about the character of God and ourselves; wounds we have experienced in the past; and negative spiritual influences.

What can I expect from an RTF Ministry Session?

You will be led though the ministry steps of healing and deliverance by two highly trained and caring RTF ministers. You will be given a Biblical foundation for each area of ministry; an explanation for the steps of ministry; led through the steps in each of the four areas of healing; and we will pray with you and answer any questions that arise. The RTF session is confidential, non-judgmental, and safe. Many have life-changing experiences in the Issue Focus RTF session as the Lord’s truth is received.

How do I arrange to receive RTF?

Get a personal Questionnaire (PQ) from the Prayer Kiosk in the church lobby or visit restoringthefoundations.org. Select Issue Focus Receiver’s PQ.
When you have completed your application turn it into the church office and ASK to be given the RTF Receivers Guide to read before your ministry. A RTF team member will contact you to schedule ministry.