At Grace Church we believe in Biblical counseling. Scripture encourages us to seek out wise counsel and to live our lives based on God’s Word and His principles. We know that trained and gifted counselors can help us improve our communications, understand our behavior and find new ways of relating to others. God also uses them to give us fresh perspective and a new lens to view our future free of regret and full of hope.

The skills employed by Licensed Professional Counselors can meet particular needs within the Body of Christ in a powerful way and can supplement and blend perfectly with pastoral counseling, peer mentoring and prayer ministries within the Church. We believe that this type of counseling is a significant means that God uses to bring us “out of the horrible pit, set our feet upon a rock, establish our steps… and put and new song in our mouth.” Psalm 40:2-3

Mary Mannhardt serves as Counselor-in-Residence at Grace Counseling Center located across the parking lot from our main church building. Mary received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from King’s College, her Master’s Degree in School Counseling from Georgia State University, and has finished her LPC through Liberty University. You can contact Mary for a free consultation at [email protected] or at 540-548-4114 ext. #2. You can also visit Mary’s website at