God wants us to pray and to receive prayer.

It’s how we connect with Him and a major way we affect change in our personal lives as well as the world around us. Here at Grace Church, we place a high value on prayer and offer numerous ways for you to both give and receive.

For You

If you would like to receive prayer, you can take advantage of our Sunday morning altar ministry, our monthly Soaking Prayer, or our 3-hour, in-depth, Restoring the Foundations prayer ministry. You can also simply ask someone you’ve met here to pray with you. Since prayer is an important part of our culture at Grace Church, we’re sure you’ll find a welcoming response.

For Others

You can be involved in praying for others through our PIT (Pastoral Intercession Team) Crew, our prayer chain e-mail, or by joining us at our Tuesday morning women’s prayer or Sunday morning pre-service prayer.