S.H.A.P.E. – Where do you fit in?

The S.H.A.P.E. Process

At Grace Church of Fredericksburg we know that every member is a minister. To assist you in discovering your calling as a minister of Grace Church we provide a process for you to discover your Spiritual gifts, Heart, Ability, Personality, and Experience. This workshop and ministry consultation will equip you to minister to others in need and serve the Lord with maximum effectiveness. Through the SHAPE process, you will learn:
  • Spiritual Gifts

    How God gave you Spiritual gifts to build up our church family and reach out to the world with Christ's love

  • Heart

    How God gives each of us a unique Heart and passion for particular activities and circumstances. God uses those things to show us where we can serve without quickly burning out

  • Abilities

    How you have Abilities given to you by God that can be used in His works

  • Personality

    How God can use your Personality whether we're extroverts or introverts, young or old

  • Experiences

    How God has placed a multitude of Experiences in your life to mold you for ministry and help heal hurts in the church and community

The S.H.A.P.E. Discovery Session

A SHAPE Discovery Session is a 1 1/2 hour meeting with a Ministry Consultant targeted at helping you to find a fulfilling place to serve and express your SHAPE for ministry.

Where does this take place?
SHAPE Discovery Sessions are held at the church office at various times of the day and week.

Who do I meet with?
A trained Ministry Consultant who will depend on the Holy Spirit to guide your me of exploring your SHAPE and service opportunities here at Grace Church or in our community.

What can I expect?
During your Session, the Ministry Consultant will:

  • Open your session with prayer
  • Review your SHAPE profile
  • Talk about your responsibilities and availability to serve.
  • If ready, you'll look at a few opportunities that fit you
  • Give you contact information for those opportunities
    Please call Deborah Hertle at 540-785-2273 to setup a time to meet with your Ministry Consultant.

After completing your SHAPE assessments, contact Deborah Hertle, Mobilization for Ministry Director, at 540-785-2273 or [email protected] to set up a Ministry Consultation.