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RSVP For Sunday Service


Attendance Guidelines
Parent Guidelines
Sanitation Information
Restroom Guidelines
Grace Church – Phase 1
CDC – Stop the Spread of Germs
CDC – CoViD 19 Symptoms

Attendance Guidelines

Please ReadA letter from the Elders

No one should come to the service who has had a fever or symptoms of Covid-19 (which includes cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches, recent unexplained loss of taste or smell, or a sore throat), or have had known exposure to a Covid-19 case in the prior 14 days.  Please respect the health of others.

Social Distance seating will be our practice.
RSVP to attend the Service will be required so we can make sure of safe seating.  Click here to RSVP:

You will need to RSVP by end of day Thursday.
First-come, first-served seating will be in place.  We will not exceed the 50% seating capacity and social distance seating outlined in the state guidelines.
Each person in the family will need a ticket, so please specify how many people in the family will be with you.
Unrelated people cannot sit together.
We will email you a ticket seating number after you RSVP. Print off your ticket seating number and when you arrive an usher will point you to your section and seats.
If someone arrives without a ticket, we will see if there is room to seat them.  You will have to remain outside until everyone else is seated including potential visitors before a determination can be made if there is room.  So, please RSVP.

Children will need to sit with their parents the entire service.

No children’s ministry or nursery care on-site will be offered.
Parents, please read the Parents guidelines page regarding children at this link.

Nursing mothers will be able to access the nursing mother’s room and the prayer room and the foyer as long as social distancing is practiced.
There will be a few rooms available with a TV streaming the service and the foyer for a parent to be with their child if they cannot remain quiet in the service.  Ushers will help you with this.
We will dismiss row by row to allow the foyer to not be clogged with folks. Please remain seated until and usher dismisses your row.
Face Masks are required for everyone age 10 and above all times in the facility. Please bring your own. We will have masks available at the welcome desk if you forget your own. Persons with medical conditions that are adversely affected by wearing masks are not required to do wear one.  
If you would like to have gloves, please bring them with you.
No offering baskets will be passed.  You will have a chance to give online or place your offering in the boxes at the back of the Sanctuary at the end of the service.
Café will remain closed for now.
Please see the Bathroom guidelines under this link.
No bulletins will be provided.  Please go to our website for current information and announcements.
Personal prayer ministry will be available after the service.  A minimum of 6 feet will separate the Altar Team ministers from the prayer recipient.  Everyone will be required to have a mask on.  No touching will be allowed.

Parent Guidelines

Please register the number of people coming in your family including all children.  Names aren’t necessary.  We just need the number of seats required.
Face masks are required for children ages 10 and above at all times in the church facility. If there exists a medical condition that will adversely affect the child they do not have to wear a mask.
Children are to remain seated at all times and supervised by their parents and not wandering for the protection of everyone.  Other worshippers  need to know that social distancing will be practiced. 

If your child cannot remain quiet during the service there will be a few rooms available with a TV streaming the service as well as the foyer for a parent to be with their child.  Ushers will help you with this.

 There will be no children’s ministry on-site.  The normal Alive Kids Sunday Service will be online. 

Please be sure to bring a device with headphones to view their online service experience.
There will be a notification on the screen in the service for the children to move to their online devices.
The link for Alive Kids Sunday Service will go live at 10:45 am. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzqU26BX-tEFWW671Fhsnbw
You can access the link by using our wifi “GCoF Guest.”  The password for it is gcofguest.

 Parents are to accompany their children (5th grade and under) to the bathrooms during the service.
 Nursing mothers may use the Nursing Room, Prayer Room or Foyer during the service.

Sanitization Information

The church facility is being cleaned two times per week.

Vacuuming, spaying and cleaning surfaces, restroom cleaning, etc.  

A professional sanitization by an outside company will take place every Friday afternoon.

The entire facility will be professionally sanitized.
This ensures that the facility will remain empty and sanitized for Sunday mornings.

During the Sunday service, we will have people going around and wiping/sanitizing surfaces, door handles, restroom handles, and faucets every 15 minutes.
We are installing extra hand sanitizer wall-mounted stations throughout the church facility.
Gloves and masks are available for those who would like to have them.

These will be available at the welcome desk.
The church facilities are closed to any meetings during the week.  The only meeting allowed is Sunday morning.

The vast majority of our staff is working remotely so the facility is seeing little use. 

Restroom Guidelines

When using the restrooms please maintain a social distance of 6 feet apart or more.
Only 2 people at once are allowed into the restroom.
There will be sanitizer spray and paper towels available in each stall for your use when using the toilet. Please don’t flush used paper towels down the toilet, instead used the trash canisters available.
There will be extra gloves and hand sanitizer available in each restroom for people to use.
After using the restrooms please spray and wipe the surfaces you have touched to avoid the spread of germs among our congregation.
Please wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after using the restroom.
Parents should accompany any child up through and including grade 5 to the restroom.
Please be mindful of these guidelines and make sure your children follow them as well for the health and safety of all. 

GCOF Phase 1 Status

We will be moving into our Phase 1 plan on 5/15/2020 simultaneously with the state of Virginia’s Phase 1. This list details the status of our ministries for at least the next 2-4 weeks.


CDC – Stop the Spread of Germs (Link)


CDC – CoViD 19 Symptoms (Link)

https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/downloads/COVID19-symptoms.pdf [/cs_content_seo]