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Inspired by the story that Jesus told about the good Samaritan, we started Samaritan Summer as a way to put our faith into action, to “go and do likewise” as Jesus said. The challenge has been issued for each one of us to personally serve others in need by helping out on at least one Samaritan Summer project between now and August 2020.

Our volunteers come from every walk of life – from children to young adults, moms, dads, grandparents, blue and white-collar workers, professionals and retirees. Together we look forward to helping someone in need without expecting anything in return.


Help eliminate poverty housing and homelessness in the Greater Fredericksburg area.
Bring smiles to people’s faces, share and listen to stories while visiting with the elderly at nursing and retirement facilities.
Repair and improve homes of the elderly, widowed and infirmed.
Prepare and serve meals to the homeless
Provide transportation to a summer camp for homeless kids of families living in motel rooms
Repair and make homes safe for impoverished people.
Support survivors of domestic violence
Shelter or place people in their own housing to help start a new life filled with dignity, respect, safety and hope.
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