Small Groups, or as we like to call them, Life Groups, are one of the main places where believers form and experience friendships and embrace opportunities to help each other grow in Christ and apply their faith to everyday life. It is an intimate venue where individuals can fulfill the “one another” commands of Scripture (Gal 6:1, 2; Eph 4:32; 1 Thes 5:11; John 13:34,35; 1 John 3:11; James 5:16). Life groups meet in various locations. Their focus differs from group to group. They are led by trained individuals and they are an extension of the pastoral care ministry of the church. Children are central and welcomed in many of our groups. You can search for a group below and contact the group leader to find out more or arrange a visit. To view all LifeGroups, just click on Search with nothing selected in the boxes.  
Newcomer/Connect Life GroupSunday12:00-1:30pm18+Main CampusMain Campus – Main CampusGeneral StudyYesOpen
Doug & Letha Jones Life GroupSunday12:30-2:30pm18+Main Campus(Offsite)General StudyNoOpen
Steele Life GroupWednesday2:00-3:30pm18+Main CampusMain Campus – Church Prayer RoomGeneral StudyNoOpen
Family Life GroupWednesday6:00-8:00pm18+Main CampusMain Campus – Grace Church CaféGeneral StudyNoOpen
Hopkins Life GroupWednesday7:00-8:30pm18+Main Campus(Offsite) Hopkins HomeGeneral StudyYesOpen
Jones Life GroupWednesday7:00-8:30pm18+Main Campus(Offsite) Jones’ HomeGeneral StudyNoOpen
Kingdom Under ConstructionWednesday7:00-9:00pm18+Main Campus(Offsite) Gross’s HomeGeneral StudyNoOpen
Veteran’s Life GroupWednesday7:00-8:30pm18+Main Campus(Offsite) Westermeier HomeGeneral StudyNoOpen
Matthias Legacy Builder Online Life GroupThursday7:00-8:30pm21+Main CampusMain Campus – Online GroupGeneral StudyNoOpen
Rodriguez Life GroupFriday6:30-8:30pm21+Main Campus(Offsite) Rodriguez HomeGeneral StudyNoOpen
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