Thank You, Kathy Twigg!

BrianWood Announcement

We are so grateful for the 15 years of quality ministry to children and families that God gave us through Kathy Twigg. Please join us this Sunday as we honor and celebrate Kathy and all that the Holy Spirit has done through her.

“Kathy joined our staff as children’s pastor over 15 years ago when we were still meeting in the renovated grocery store on Deacon Road and had only 30 children in attendance. So much has changed over those 15 years but Kathy’s heart for our children has remained constant. She has diligently pastored not only the children but their families as well, and has helped build numerous ministries from scratch.
Kathy has always had a passion to see our children touched by the presence and power of God. She has worked to help each child recognize how they are uniquely gifted and to discover how they could be plugged into their church family to serve with those God-given gifts.

Kathy has had a significant spiritual impact on many lives in her years of ministry here.

As she launches into a new venture serving special needs young adults in our community we are excited for her and confident her impact on the lives of others will continue.” – Ernest and Mary