Week 1: June 29th – July 3rd

BrianWood Sermon Extras


Philippians—The Joy of the Lord

Read Acts 16:1-40. Use Paul’s experiences in this passage to form your own real-life application.

Monday–What is not going as planned in your life right now?  How should you biblically respond to these situations? List some practical things you can do.

Genesis 50:15-21; Romans 8:28

Tuesday–How can you experience biblical joy even though your situations aren’t going as planned? How can you maintain joy?

James 1:2-4; Nehemiah 8:10

Wednesday–What is God’s will for you in your specific life situations right now?  How is He speaking to you?  Are others confirming this direction?

Romans 12:1-2; John 10:29

Thursday–Are you actively looking to share the gospel with others this week?  Whose heart is open to the gospel around you right now?  Are you sharing God’s heart with them?  What should you be sharing with them?

Romans 10:14; Luke 19:10
Friday–Is there a place in your life where demonic harassment and hindrance are occurring? How are you taking authority over it?

Ephesians 6:10-18