Week 2: July 6th-July 10th

BrianWood Sermon Extras

Real Life Application 


Philippians—The Joy of the Lord 

Week 2: July 5th 

Read Philippians 1:1-26. Use Paul’s instructions/comments/ideas in this passage to form your own real-life application.

Monday–Christ is completing His work in you! How is God making you more like Christ this week? What specific areas is God working on in you today–growing in love for others, dis-cerning a situation correctly, integrity, or righteousness? How can you apply this area that God is working on in your life to-day?

Read Philippians 1:6, 9

Tuesday–What will you do this week to show that you love others and the body of Christ at Grace? What is your attitude toward the church? How can you bless others in your life?

Read Philippians 1:9, John 3:11, 2 John 1:6

Wednesday–How can you renew your mind to apply God’s will for your life? How will your finances, marriage or single-ness, friendships, family and work conform to God’s will for your life today?

Read Philippians 1:9; Romans 12:1-2

Thursday–For Paul, to live was Christ and to die was a gain. Is there anything you are valuing more than life in Christ? How can you allow Christ’s life to be lived in you in specific situa-tions? If you were to die today, what do you believe you would gain?

Read Philippians 1:21; Colossians 1:27, 2 Timothy 4:8

Friday–Where are you in “prison” today—unforgiveness, fear, anxiety, etc.? How are you experiencing joy like Paul did in