Week 3: July 13th – 17th

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Real Life Application 

Philippians—The Joy of the Lord 

Week 3: 

Read Philippians 2:5-8. Use Paul’s writings about the humility of Jesus to form your own real-life application.

Monday–Humility involves being fully obedient to the will of God (Phil 2:8). In what specific aspects of your life have you “turned to your own way” (Isa 53:6)? Does one area in your life contain a besetting problem (Heb 12:2)? List some practical things that you can do to begin to move towards full obedience in one or two areas of your life.

Tuesday–Jesus is meek and humble (Mt 11:29). If we want to be with Him we must become like Him (Amos 3:3). Read 1 Corin-thians 12:4-8. This is how God is. Inventory your life today look-ing through the lens of love. How are you doing? Let’s confess where we have fallen short so that we might draw near.

Wednesday–Humility is characterized by an ability to count others as better than ourselves (Phil 2:3); and a penchant for fo-cusing on others (Phil 2:4). Are you able to fully receive from those around you? Why or why not? Are you able to concentrate and focus on others? Let’s confess where we have fallen short so that we might draw near.

Thursday–God gives grace to the humble but resists the proud (James 4:6). Pride separates us from intimacy with God. What does pride look like in your life? Can you describe it in two or three words? Can you think of one situation where pride is clearly operating in your life? Let’s confess our sins so that we can draw near.

Friday–Jesus humbled Himself and became a man. Are you willing to accept and embrace the suffering a godly life will bring your way (2 Tm 3:12). Will you turn the other cheek when mis-treated (Mt 5:39)? Will you bless those who oppose you and mistreat you?