Week 4 – Real Life Aplication

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Daily Devotional

The Role and Place of Leadership


Which leader in your life has had the most positive influence on you as a person and/or you as a Christian? What specific things did they contribute to your life? How have you expressed appreciation to them for what they have given? Spend time thanking God for the various influences He has given to you.


Why did God place leaders in your life? What do they give to you that you are not able to obtain on your own? To what degree are you actively pursuing input from Godly leaders at this time in your life? Name one leader that could help you and pray about making an appointment to talk with them.


How much Biblical access are you currently giving to Christian leaders in your life? Do you have any ungodly attitudes towards leadership in general or towards specific leaders in your life at this time? Please ask God to show you what attitudes are in your heart related to leadership or leaders. Transact business with God as needed.


Honor is the fountainhead of God’s favor on the earth. And yet, honoring those in authority (Heb 13:17) is, for the most part, foreign to American culture. What specific things do you do to honor those in authority in your life? Ask the Lord what He would like you to do to honor those He has placed in your life. Then, follow through and do it.


Leadership in the New Testament is based on the model of family. As such, if we are anything to believers, we must be fathers and mothers. Ask the Lord if there is one individual that He would want you to begin to help. As God speaks, contact them and begin serving, helping, and loving them in intentional and sustai