Week 7- Real Life Application

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PhilippiansThe Joy of the Lord

Week 7: August 9th


Monday–What part of your faith gives you the most confidence in your relationship with Christ?


Tuesday–What are the things (possessions) you value most in life? How much attention do you give to their care and maintenance versus the care and maintenance you give to your relationship with Christ?


Wednesday–What do you consider to be the greatest accomplishment in your work or family life? What did it take to achieve that goal? What lessons from that process can be applied to pursuing the goal Paul talks about in Philippians?


Thursday–Have you considered your eternal home yet this week? Are you excited about getting to know Christ more today and how are you practically going to pursue a relationship with Him before the day is done?


Friday–What do you consider to be your greatest spiritual accomplishment? What other accomplishments do you think God wants you to pursue?